Denise has always found it easy to write, to pour her heart and soul out onto paper is the best way for her to communicate her deepest feelings. She has journaled for many years, capturing the special moments of her life, especially while travelling. While cooking, she has always cooked intuitively without the need for recipes, rather using her imagination to conjure up incredible meals. She devours cookbooks as we would novels and stores this information to draw on when needed. When she started Ginger & Lime, she needed to provide recipes for the guests to follow, so she began to develop accurate, tried and tested recipes for them to follow and to take home with them.

It was only a matter of time before she decided to correlate this information into the book ‘Around my Table’. She took herself off to a small Greek island town, Skala Erresos, on a Writing Course with Sarah and Kate from the Writing Room, and set about the task of mastering how to go about this mammoth task. She had a hard time choosing which countries and which recipes and anecdotes to include in the book, as there were so many, but decided to start with Greece, Italy and Thailand, and then added in the most popular dishes from Ginger & Lime, family and friend favourites from up the West Coast, and then some classic traditional recipes from her ancestors. This was followed by a few days of shooting each dish while back in Cape Town and up the West Coast with her creative and passionate team. They stayed up at the Beach Houses, and despite working really hard, had a really fun time too.

Denise shares stories of how her life went from being an international model to an author in a very personal way, sharing and baring her soul with the reader.


About Around My Table

This book was made possible by everyone of those who experienced my cooking, by anyone who ever took a mouthful of the food I prepared, and went “mmmmmmm ….. ”, as the eyes rolled heavenwards! For the many “How did you make this?” moments. Those moments are the reason I do this, to see the pleasure, the recognition that the symphony of flavours have been heard and appreciated; these are the little moments in time that make it worthwhile; all the preparation and hard work, the long hours in a hot kitchen, the sore feet and aching backs, all that goes into creating these dishes.

The intention of this book is to take you on a journey with me, to have you walk by my side as I cook and eat around the world; to come into my kitchens both in Cape Town at Ginger & Lime, and when it becomes our own home kitchen at the Peppermint Palace. Then travel with me up to the wild West Coast, and see what I can whip up there.

In this book, I will cover some fabulous food memories created in several regions of Italy, as well as Greece and Thailand. Let me take you through the markets, let you taste the street food with me, and visit the local eateries, and find the hidden treasures. I will share my impressions of the food culture, and how it varies from country to country, and sometimes even region to region.

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Then, let’s come back home, and we will prepare the meal together, as I provide easy to do authentic recipes. There will be no foams, no “jus” or even inverted commas anywhere for that matter, just intuitive, real and extremely satisfying meals.

I also encourage you to cook with your family, with friends; and take the time together to make this a shared event, as we do at Ginger and Lime.

Food made with love just tastes SO much better.

Ginger and Lime is very much a team effort, and during the course of this book you will get to know each member of this amazing group of individuals. Over the years, we have built and evolved into a team who know and share the same dreams, and who work towards these together. The energy just rolls with us, and our guests feel this magic and want to be a part of it, even if just for a brief moment in time. They feel uplifted, they feel inspired. They feel the magic.

And to my team, all of them, and you know who you are (from those who were there to assist right in the beginning, to those that are still on this crazy journey with me), I could not have done this without you, and nor would I ever want to. Hold onto that rocket guys, we are headed for the stars!


Denise is available for product launches, to act as a brand ambassador, to host private events and talks, for recipe development, product advertising, writing articles, hosting cooking workshops and retreats and other food-writing related projects.

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