Writing is a part of my everyday life. I love to capture special moments in time, memories to reflect over in the days to come.  These are deeply personal and written from my heart.


“What fascinates me over and over again, is the ability of food and wine to heighten experiences, liven up conversations and elevate one’s life experience in general.” says Denise Cowburn-Levy, co-owner of The Kitchen Collective Where there is energy and passion, there is always growth and expansion. What started out …

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  • We Always Cook With Wine

    This book is the story about my passion for food, cooking and travelling, but it is really a story about how this age-old ritual of cooking and eating brings people together. I have always found that there is a special intimacy around sharing food, and a nameless bond is formed …

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  • Ginger & Lime

    Time flies when you are having fun, they say, and I can certainly agree wholeheartedly with this statement. It is now just over 3 years since Ginger & Lime opened up, with me kicking it off with an interactive Masterchef style party for my birthday with family and friends. It …

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  • Spring is in the air

    Spring is in the air, can’t you just feel it! The sun rises earlier, warming up the crisp fresh morning air. Light lingers longer into beautiful sunsets. Green shoots are sprouting out on the trees, and blossoms proudly showing off their beauty. And their potential. What will they become? That …

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  • The Collection of Chefs in our Kitchen

    This has been an incredible time for us all on the Ginger & Lime, Salt & Sage and the Kitchen Collective journey. A time of growth and learning, and pushing ourselves way beyond any comfort zone. We have put our all into this venture, no holds barred, and we are …

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  • A Work In Progress

    Again I find myself in Yzerfontein, a pot of strong tea on the tray with crunchy home baked rusks next to me, and my favourite view of the wild white water waves crashing in the ocean in front to me. The seagulls are very busy this morning, collecting mussels, shouting …

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