Oct 11, 2019

Known Design Co

Did I tell you I am writing a book? Okay it’s out there…. kind of scary, but somehow makes it a reality when out into words There is no turning back now. I have told you. And I am a person of my word, when I say I will do something, I will. I will be taking you on a journey with me to experience several countries, with stories of the places I have been, the meals I have enjoyed & take you behind the scenes into the kitchens I have had the pleasure of cooking in with the local chefs. There will of course be inspirational recipes & loads of beautiful images of both the food & the places I have been.

I will share how I took that first step & changed my life from a 30 year career in photographic production, to follow my passion & launch another business at an age where most people are thinking of slowing down, & how I have never felt more alive or fulfilled doing this. Never will I allow my soul to become complacent & satisfied.
This is a daunting task, let me tell you! I write all the time, yes, but for me. Deep & intimate stuff. To share this is to bare my soul for all to see, to be vulnerable, & this is something we all struggle to do. We need our armour around us, we need to hide aspects of ourselves from the world that we deem not worthy. And yet, those are the very parts of us that make us human, loveable, approachable. I have in my time been called aloof, reserved and unapproachable …. perhaps my shyness was mistaken for these qualities, & it hurt me deeply at the time to be so misunderstood. But hey, you grow, learn, & the fabulous thing about more time on this earth is that you really don’t care what others think of you anymore. How liberating this is!

I am in Yzerfontein at our beach house for the night. It was THE perfect day, not a breath of wind, a pleasant temperature, such a welcome relief from the relentless heat of the city this week. At sunset I took a stroll on my own to the shore’s edge, breathing in deeply the light mist that came off the waves as they break. How invigorating the ocean is! I dug my toes deep into the sand, feeling such connection with the earth and the world, & with me. Such peace after an intense week in very hot kitchens.

The waves roll in & out in a gentle rhythm today, & as the sun sets, the water turns golden. Birds fly past the setting sun, showing for a moment, a dark silhouette. That freedom, oh to fly!This place inspires me deeply. I find it so easy to be here, just to be. I feel creative; I want to cook, I want to write, I want to play like a child in the water…. go in deeper, to wade in & get my shorts wet, to splash my arms around & tilt my head back & laugh! To have that “I don’t care” attitude that kids manage so well! It’s so hard to be a responsible adult all the time, so tiring. We need to play more. I relish this time in solitude, just me in nature.

I have set myself a huge challenge with this project & that is what I challenge you all to do with this upcoming year. Get out of your comfort zone, stretch the boundaries, reach high! Just because you can.

And if any of you have some great recipes with a story behind them, that you think could be included in my book, please email me on:, I would love to hear from you.