Spring is in the air

Oct 11, 2019

Known Design Co

Spring is in the air, can’t you just feel it! The sun rises earlier, warming up the crisp fresh morning air. Light lingers longer into beautiful sunsets. Green shoots are sprouting out on the trees, and blossoms proudly showing off their beauty. And their potential. What will they become? That is what Spring means. Potential. A time of possibilities and what could be. There is an exciting energy in the air, waking us up after the sleepy Winter hibernation, making us feel alive and ready to take on the world.

There is also that sense of urgency to clear out what no longer serves you, in every way. So for us, this means going into those kitchen store rooms, checking on all old spices, opened packets, chipped plates and accumulated junk, and toss the lot. How liberating! You cannot receive further until you let go and create space. That is the cycle of life, so go with the flow here, guys. Recycle and gift to others where possible, as there are so many in dire need. Open yourself up to this potential growth.

Here at The Kitchen Collective, we are proudly on our new path of growth, and so excited by the journey so far. Wow, what a fantastic response it has been! We took the leap of faith, and it seems we are spot on, and the events, both private and corporate, as well as photo and film shoots are rolling in. Our calendars though until December are booking up fast, so please do let us know if you are wanting to book that special event, as having 3 different locations on offer, we can now cope with a higher volume of business, so can hopefully still accommodate you.

Just so you know, although we have a new name, our core team are still very much here, so rest assured, you will still see the familiar faces of Denise, Kim, Katy, Almo, Paula and Alet as well as some fab new team members to bring their fresh energy.

Denise & Kim