A Work In Progress

Oct 11, 2019

Known Design Co

Again I find myself in Yzerfontein, a pot of strong tea on the tray with crunchy home baked rusks next to me, and my favourite view of the wild white water waves crashing in the ocean in front to me. The seagulls are very busy this morning, collecting mussels, shouting at each other, dive bombing…… excited to be alive and expressing this so well.

This is always a quiet time for me, one of reflection and introspection, and I cherish this Sunday morning alone time. One of looking for direction, and asking for answers, knowing with certainty that they will come to me when I quieten my mind.

I feel like I am on a brink of discovery right now as to where we are going with Ginger & Lime and all that is coming to us, and I am trying to understand what it is that is growing below the surface, pushing up shoots, wanting growth and new direction. There is a higher purpose here at work, and this needs some clarification.

I am getting more and more that we are not just a cooking school, but something far more than this. We are an experience, and when we have a group with us for an evening who are coming with the intent of learning a few dishes, they leave with far more than that. They are not sure what happened, but they do know that they have been uplifted and enriched in some way, without having to work at it. And they do know they want more of this! How do I convey this in words, how do I harness this and market it correctly to the right people, and do justice to what it going on here?

We pick certain ingredients, we choose these carefully, we put them in a certain order and we create a masterpiece from these raw materials. We present them beautifully, proudly and we enjoy the fruits of our labour, for it is indeed a labour of love, and this is tangible. Change one component, either an ingredient or a cooking method, or even the way it is presented, and the end result is completely different! How amazing is that, how endless are the choices we make, and how things turn out!

This experience nourishes not only our body, but also very much our soul. We feel satisfied, we feel happy, we have added something to ourselves that has made a difference to us. For a short while, the outside world ceased to exist, and we left anything that was bothering us way behind. We were focussed and present, and it felt good. We worked together as a team, with some order, and a little chaos, and much laughter and camaraderie. We felt supported and held, as there were those amongst us that were there to guide us and help where needed. But they also stood back at times, and let us stumble a bit, before they let us fly.

This is all part of the process of life, in a nutshell….. what you put into it, what you work with, and how you do this, all contributes to the end result. Each decision and every choice you make is vital in determining what the end result and outcome will be. How you work together as a team, how you delegate certain tasks, how you divide up the work that needs to be done to create the end product…. this is all part of the process. Work with good ingredients, choose to do this as a labour of love, not grudgingly throwing it together, and see how it changes everything.

With these rough musings in place, I am asking for clarity in how to further proceed, and how to harness this immense power for the highest good of all. We offer an experience, we hold a group energetically, we are teachers on a different level. We are a resource, and offer valuable life lessons, in a simple and easy to understand way. This is one of our ways forward, this is our purpose and mission in life, and it is demanding to be taken seriously now. Once you become aware of certain knowledge, you can never turn your back on it, for it will persist……. what you resist persists. It is now part of our reality, and it will follow a journey of its own, taking us to places we never imagined.

I feel the excitement bubbling up, I feel butterflies in my tummy, and I am so happy! Hold on tight……. we are set for take off!