Aug 24, 2019

Known Design Co

I do hope that the words will flow from me to adequately express what I am feeling right now. As I sit here on my balcony on the edge of Lake Como, the water is lapping gently on the smooth stones of the shore. You can feel how this has been happening for centuries, they are smooth and round. Some glisten in the early morning Autumn sunlight, and others are just below the surface of the blue/green water. The swans elegantly paddle past me, always looking slightly down their beaks at me I feel. “We are so beautiful, we are magnificent creatures; you must admire us, for we are worthy of this adoration”, they say to me. And I do. I feel such a sense of calm, and a sense of belonging here. So at peace, and at one with myself and nature. A seagull glides effortlessly past me, showing me that this is the way to be. In the flow of life, just to go with it. I look across to the opposite shore and into the horizon. As I absorb the beauty that I see, I become one with this. It feels to me like a painting, there is a slight haze in the distance, a blurring of the mountains. The clouds reflect in the water, causing patches of light on the surface. It feels like a thick glossy oil painting that someone has taken a very long time to perfect. I realise that this is my painting, this is a reflection of my life, of what I have created. There is constant movement, there is stillness and peace. There is clarity, and there is undefined shadow too. There is a sense of history and of people sitting here over the years, like I am, and pondering on life, on purpose and on what it is all about. It is moments like this, when you can reach that quiet space within, that make it all worthwhile. That connection, the feeling of being a part of something way bigger than yourself, that blending in, and not feeling separate. That is how I am feeling right now. Happy; but perhaps blissful would describe this feeling better. Grateful, truly blessed. At peace.

I know I have more to do in this life. I know that I have more purpose to fulfil, and I am getting that vision refined more and more as I go deeper within. I am here to teach, to lead by example, and to open my heart more and more to Universal love. To share the insights that I am getting. And to give back in whatever way I can, to help to expand consciousness and therefore this world.

I ask for guidance to help me on this path, to keep me focused and on track, and to help me when doubt sets in.