Aug 24, 2019

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On Mon, 18 Mar 2019, 08:48 Denise Levy, <> wrote:
17th March – Sunday Morning: the morning after….

Hi there my special people,

Woke early this morning with a smile on my face and memories and images of the past few days floating around in my head. What an amazing time it was, and I am blown away, seriously, by all that we achieved in such a short space of time. I know I set the bar very high, and my expectations of the shot count and the quality of the pics was very high, and probably not reasonable at all. I always push myself hard, strive to do more than expected, and forget sometimes that not everyone is that driven. But you guys were right there, and up for the challenge!

Firstly, thanks for believing in my dream and helping me make this become a reality. Some of you don’t even know if I can cook at all, or if anyone would want to learn what I have to share. Others have no idea at all whether I can write of not, so you were working on your faith in me as a person, and I am humbled by this. For having that belief in me, I feel that I can do anything, achieve anything, and I will not let you down.

The teamwork was exceptional, especially that it was the first time many of you have met, let alone worked together. The support, the caring, the respect and the appreciation for the special talent that each one has, shone through so clearly.

Each one of you was chosen for this project because of your hearts, because of your trust in me, and your love for the role you play in Ginger & Lime and in the Beach Houses, which are such huge part of my life and of my identity. Yes, I know you are all exceptionally talented, but there is way more than that that binds us together. This is a soul connection.

I mention you in no particular order, but as it comes to me…

Shannon, thank you for the role that you played; I know the pressure was immense and I know that this kind of photography was all new to you, but this was also why I wanted you for the project so that everything was new, with a fresh eye and not done before. I didn’t want someone who was just redoing what they have done before and working on old patterns. You had to stretch right out of your comfort zone and grow, and you did. Beyond expectation! You poured your heart and soul into each image. You remained calm, (well on the outside!) and you worked tirelessly. I You had to have every detail in your head and in your vision, and I know how exhausting that must have been for you. I am sure you will need a few down days to recover from this one!!! We were a big team to bounce off each other, but you had to carry the ultimate responsibility of the most important part of the job at hand. Also I know that your work has now just begun with the editing and so on, so you still have many many hours to go. It was an absolute pleasure and an honour to work with you, Shan, and I am looking forward to part 2, but will give us all a good break in between.

Cathy, your vision and understanding of what I wanted to achieve was so spot on. You saw what I had in my head, and you made it a physical reality. The endless preproduction you did on sourcing all that you did was incredible and I know you spent much time and energy, and sleepless nights on this. I am so deeply grateful, and this could not have been done without your incredible enthusiasm and energy. You didn’t let up for a second, didn’t let one detail past you that was not 100% to your satisfaction. Physically you must be exhausted today! You have been packing and carrying heavy boxes around for days and now for the returns and repacking your entire household! You are amazing, what can I say! And now you have still the task of promoting and actually getting both me in my personal capacity as an author, and the book to fly. You are an amazing woman, Cath, and I am so deeply grateful.

Roger Michael, I am so happy that when we were working together on my website that I asked you casually; “Wouldn’t you like to Art Direct my book?” to which you without any hesitation said, “Absolutely!” Again, your enthusiasm and total commitment to the project from the beginning, has been amazing. You are new to our team, to my tribe, and yet it feels like you have been with us for ages. You just fit right in, and I thank you for the special eye and attention to detail, and calm, quiet energy that you brought to the project. I appreciate your openness and your vulnerability, and the sense of connection that I feel with you. I am sure you are going to be a part of our tribe for a long time to come. Let’s do Lebanon!

Katy, what can I say! You are just such a special person in every way. You do bring us all together, and despite being the youngest by far, you manage to keep us all in line and on track at all times. I just don’t know how you do it at time, but you manage to manage me! For this you need a serious medal, as I know I am not easy. You continue to amaze and impress me with your incredible work ethic, sense of responsibility, your cheerful positive attitude and your absolute ability to do everything that you take on perfectly. The hours and hours of getting the recipes ready for me, making sure that every single ingredient and in the right quantity for 60 dishes was available was a daunting task. And then choosing the cooking equipment, and all the possible extra plating choices….. As well as plants and foliage. The checking off of the lists, the packing of crates. And you executed it all perfectly! Beyond perfectly! And then on the shoot, making sure that we were on track, keeping an eye on the time spent on each shot as well as whipping up so many of the dishes from start to finish in such an easy way. You are a shining star, my Katy, and I thank you deeply and from my heart for all that you do for me, both in my businesses and personally.

Christina: I am so happy that Shannon asked me if you could join us and that you stayed for the whole shoot. You were incredible! You also just jumped right in, and became one with the team, not always an easy thing to do with an established group of people who each hold their place in the team. You boldly and confidently put forward opinions, and I love that. Yet you happily let go and let others have their say when something wasn’t quite right. Your energy and vitality brought so much to the project and I know we could not have achieved all that we did without your incredible, ongoing input. I thank you for being with us, and for giving so freely of yourself and your time, and your creativity.

Alet,I know you are also relatively new to our team as far as time goes, but it feels like you have been with us for years. Thank you for jumping in wherever and whenever we need you to, with energy and enthusiasm at all times. I am so grateful to you for assisting Katy with the orders and all the packing up. It is so great to know that you are there, with years of experience and so willing to jump in wherever needed. You have such grace and style, and those twinkling blue eyes show a soul filled with life and love. You are brave beyond, and I have a deep respect and admiration for the journey you have been on, and the tough decisions that you had to make along the way. I am so happy that this has led you to us, and know that you have formed some deep and lasting bonds with so many of my team, and this really warms my heart. We are there for you, remember that, you are now part of the family.

Maxie, my oldest friend. 40 odd years and counting. Boy, have we been through a lot! Guys, some of you have only known me a short time and know that I pack as much as I can into each and every day, so you can only imagine what Max has seen me go through and do in 40 years! It has been quite a journey and I am so happy that you still play such a big part in my life. Your natural sense of taste and style as well as your creative eye on the shoot added huge value, and as usual, you just put down your head, got busy with the dish on hand and made me endless cups of deeply needed strong tea. Despite physical discomfort, you kept on going, and I so enjoyed having you with us. Love it when you laugh, as life has not always been easy for you, and especially loved seeing you and Alet connecting, comfortable and easy together. Like a old married couple, you two, so cute!

Michelle, with your warm smile and ready laugh, as you hear yet another voice saying…. “Michelle, where is the …..?????” and you patiently and proficiently produce the required item once more. Assisting everyone in your calm, beautiful way as you radiate the happiness you feel being part of the process, and appreciate being in this space at the beach house. I see this, and I see you shine, and it fills me with happiness. Thanks Michelle, for also always taking that extra care for me, like a mother hen, fussing that I should sit down, have some tea, get some rest. I know I don’t often listen, but I appreciate you deep caring ways, and your warm heart. You are a vital part of this team, and I rely on you heavily for all the prep that goes into making this work.

Almo, despite huge physical discomfort from your op, you made it, and it would not have been the same without you. You are such an integral part of our team and the Ginger & Lime brand. Personally for me, I know that we would not be here we are without support you have always given me, and your input into the project from the beginning. I love bouncing things off you, and I value the constructive feedback that you so willingly give me. I know that Olive & Vine is going to be a huge success, and that you are gong to come into your own power in that amazing space. I will always be here to support you, just know that. I love to see where this is taking each one of us, as it seems Ginger & Lime provides a step up for everyone that comes in contact with it. We hold, nurture and grow others to shine their own light and I love this aspect of the business. For me, this is the reason I do what I do, and is the aspect of the job that gives me the most satisfaction.

Paula, dynamite does come in small packages, and you are so powerful! You really are such a team player, and your warmth shines through to all that you come into contact with. I know that you take the time and effort to create a special bond with each of us on the team which is very special. Thanks for being with us this weekend and for owning so many of the dishes which you put together effortlessly, really easing the process. We needed this injection of fresh energy to perk us up after the first 2 days. You are always so practical and level headed…… well, maybe not after a few glasses of vino! I do hope your eye is a lot better and that you manage to get it sorted. You carried on bravely, a real trooper despite me suggesting that you go to get it seen to, and I know you were extremely uncomfortable. Thanks for your commitment and always being the first to say “Pick me!” for any being a part of the team on the classes.

Tinashe and Tapiwa: two unique and incredibly special beings who hold a very special place in my heart. I am mentioning you together because I see you as a team, despite being totally unique individuals, each with your own strengths. We could not have done this huge task without your ongoing support, guys; the endless chopping, washing up and cleaning! You even owned some of the dishes and made them from scratch, so they will always be “yours” in the book. Always there with a “What can I do next?” and a willing hand, and a huge smile. Thanks so much for this, we really really loved having you share this experience with us, and being part of our team. I bet you sighed a breath of relief as you said goodbye and Yzers life could get back to normal for you!

So we still need to do around 15 or so shots Thai and herbs), and perhaps a few more fillers/reshoots if necessary. We did have the 6th April earmarked for this, but we have a big function on the 5th and maybe a second one on the 6th, so I think we may change this. I will speak to the team and see what date will suit all, but we certainly need a full day, or maybe a day and a half. This will be in Cape Town at Peppermint Palace.

So to you all, just know I am so so happy with what we achieved and very excited for what is still to come.