Life after the Shoot

Aug 21, 2019

Known Design Co

I am just going to say that the pace of my life lately has been intense, perhaps more intense than usual. I choose this. I do. I know that friends and family do sometimes look on bewildered as I race around at a million miles an hour, asking …. WHY? Why do you do this? Simple. I love the variety of my days which go from a quiet morning meditation, developing recipes, managing accommodation bookings for the Beach House Collection, a quick exercise session with the fabulous Jalene, who manages somehow, in a very limited time to keep me in some kind of shape, to doing the set up and quoting for the functions at Ginger & Lime, dashing to the chiro to get the back fixed from lifting too many tables for said functions, to strat meetings with Gavin for Cape Town Productions, for the upcoming season, and viewing new premises for this venture, to shooting my cook book, to welcoming the guests in for the next interactive course, to remembering that I have 2 precious children who at times need me too, to marketing meetings with my fab G&L and Salt & Sage team to discuss upcoming projects, to a website/layout meeting with art director, to my publisher for quick catch up and so it goes on.

Oh and then there is the ever patient and loving husband, did I mention him? My rock, my anchor, for without him my feet would certainly not be on the ground. I get so involved in each and every project that I take on.

As I write this I am in the lounge of the W hotel in Verbier, which is slightly surreal, let’s be honest. We are part of a tribe of 100 gathering here to celebrate a special someone’s 50th. The snowcapped mountains are blinding in the sunlight as I look out, and the skies are the bluest of blues. The crisp clear air is so fresh and energizing. I am meant for cold weather like this, I thrive in it. And yes, I do a lot of things, and I am incredibly busy, but I do get to have the most amazing experiences in incredible places like this.

I am looking back on the week that was, and this is what I actually wanted to share as it was an incredible milestone for me. We shot almost 60 pics for the RECIPE BOOK. The preparation for this, the final recipe selection, the food orders, the styling for each and every shot and the logistics of schlepping this all up to the beach houses was intense. Thank goodness I do production!

I have such an amazing team; my photographer, my art director, my stylist/PR/my person, my right hand Katy, who is just amazing, my G&L prep team who assist with every dish, my Yzers team who just jump in everywhere. The air crackled and buzzed with energy as we shot the first shot, and I have to say, it was an emotional moment! Vision into reality. Everyone gave input, whether it was plating, styling, cups of strong tea, a hug, holding the reflectors or a pep talk. We laughed so much, we connected. We ran hard, we pushed, but we were energized in this amazing space which formed the perfect backdrop to show off the dishes perfectly. The flow and synergy between us was amazing. Everyone was on the same wavelength and worked as a unit. I have never experienced anything like this, it was so special. This has formed a bond that is watertight going forward, and I am so blessed to have this amazing bunch of people working with me. As I said to them:

“Woke early this morning with a smile on my face and memories and images of the past few days floating around in my head. What an amazing time it was, and I am blown away, seriously, by all that we achieved in such a short space of time. Some of you didn’t even know if I could cook at all, or indeed if anyone would want to learn what I have to share. Others have no idea at all whether I can write of not, so you are working on your belief in me as a person, and I am humbled by this. Because of this, I feel that I can do anything, achieve anything, and I will not let you down.”